Patient Management System

Multi-specialty module is a state of the art Hospital Information Management System(HIMS) which is comprehensive Enterprise wide software that covers all aspects of management and operations of medium and large hospitals. It Enables healthcare providers to improve the operational effectiveness, reduce costs, reduce medical errors and enhance delivery of quality care.

Patient Management

Emergency Patient Management

Billing Management (OPD & IPD) & Insurance Management with E-Claims (OPD & IPD)

Billing Management

MIS – Reports

EMR (OPD & IPD Clinical Data Management)

Pathology Management

Radiology Management

Administration Management

Operation Theatre Management

Nursing Station Management

Inventory Management (General Stores)

Pharmacy Management



  • Brand is a way of communicating what the organization stands for and what they have to offer to the world.
  • As such, it is important that the brand be communicated with consistency and accuracy.


  • Will help the Hospital to identify the Registered Patient


  • Customer loyalty can be said to have occurred if the Patient choose to use the Hospital for the particular Treatment, rather than going to another hospital
  • With Smart Card, Customers will exhibit customer loyalty over an extended period of time.


  • Patient Records will be Paperless
  • Hospital will Scan the Barcode for the PRN
  • Patient will Scan the QR Code to view his Medical Record

System Screenshot